September 22, 2019

Make A Donation

In addition to the satisfaction of taking an active step to improve the lives of animals in our community, you will also receive United WAG’s periodic e-mail notices of events, discounts and special offers.

Your contribution will assist in identifying and initiating new projects that will benefit pets and animals in our community.

Your contribution will help support our overall mission, as more fully described below.  We look forward to establishing an ‘army’ of United WAG members, like you, who understand the importance of treating our animal companions with dignity and love.


Your contribution will help us work with school systems to develop tools for educators to use in teaching children and their parents how proper treatment and care of pets and animals lead to a healthier society.  As Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


In addition to helping us with our educational mission, your contribution will support our efforts to advocate for the effective enforcement of existing animal welfare and protection legislation.  We must use every resource available to us, including law enforcement and legislation, to address animal abuse, neglect and abandonment issues.

The third prong of our mission, along with education and advocacy, is coordination of animal welfare community efforts.  We must, as a community, pull together to maximize our resources and devise community-wide solutions to address the underlying causes behind animal abuse and abandonment.  United WAG will work to create that community-wide consensus and cooperation.

Your commitment will support the full United WAG mission to improve our lives and those of our animal companions through education, advocacy for full enforcement of existing animal welfare and protection legislation, and coordination of community animal welfare efforts. By contributing at this level, you will enable United WAG to underwrite the many costs associated with accomplishing a mission of this magnitude and importance.

All contributions, big or small, are welcomed and will be used for the benefit of all pets and animals in our community.

United WAG, Inc.
P.O. Box 331073
Miami, Florida 33233

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