September 22, 2019

Hurricane Pet-Preparedness

Getting Ready for a Hurricane:  Hurricane Season is June 1 – November 30


Animal Supplies Checklist

� Food - two-week supply; Manual can opener

� Water – two-week supply

� Bowls - for food & water that attach to cage

� Portable Carrier / Crate – Large enough for pet to stand & turn around in; Each pet in separate crate.

Identification – Collar, tag and leash; Microchip (registered with national database); Current photo of every pet WITH OWNER (to prove that you are the pet’s owner)

First Aid Kit – First Aid Guide Book; Roller bandages; Scissors; Gauze; Antibiotic ointment; Medications; Medical records (stored in a waterproof container or plastic zip bag)

Cat Litter & Litter Box – Litter Scooper

Cleaning Supplies – Paper towels; Disinfectant; Plastic trash bags; Hand sanitizer; “Quick Bath” wipes; Plastic poop bags 



Miami-Dade County Sunshine Pavilion, 10901 S.W. 24 St.

Highland Oaks Middle School, 2375 NE 203 St

Who Can Participate?

  • Pet owners residing in hurricane evacuation zones, unsafe structures or trailers


  • Pre-register pet(s)
  • Provide proof of residency within an evacuation zone
  • Present medical and current vaccination records for each pet
  • Pet owners must bring supplies for themselves and their pet(s)
  • Four (4) pets per household
  • Family member must remain in the PHEC with the pet(s)

Types of Pets Accepted:

  • Dogs, cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice/rats, rabbits (small-sized, under 10 pounds, such as California or Dutch breeds), ferrets, and birds.

How To Pre-Register:

Miami-Dade County Animal Services does not board animals during emergencies.  The shelter will be crowded due to displaced animals immediately after a storm, and it is not possible to kennel owned animals prior to a hurricane event.

Annual rabies vaccinations and a visible Miami-Dade County dog license are required by Miami-Dade County Code. Strict enforcement concerning these violations is essential to ensure a rabies-free community. Cats are also required to have annual rabies vaccinations.


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